Fiat India integrated marketing campaign Make the Move

Nagesh Basavanhalli President and Managing Director, FIAT Chrysler India  Operations & Enrico Atanasio, Director - FGAIPL at Fiat Press Conference 1Fiat Group has a new mantra for the India market. The company has set up a National Sales Company, independent marketing sales and distribution networks and is launching independent dealerships in quick time. This was put into effect a year ago following their dealership dissolution with Tata Motors who until then were in charge of distribution of Fiat vehicles in the country.

The main purpose to establish a National Sales Company in Fiat Group Automobiles India Private Limited (FGAIPL) is to as to cement their position as a major automobile player in the Indian auto sector. The company has employed key personnel who will take the company ahead on their road to success, while Fiat has set long term product strategies that include multiple vehicle launches starting this year in their bid to capture a fair amount of market share.

A novel marketing campaign, Make the Move is inspiring and aimed at evoking market response. The group website here is interactive. The site will be in a simple format in text and photographs for users to access and understand. Customers will be able to receive maintenance details, warranty information and have access to the latest Fiat products at their finger tips. The site will be in a simple format in text and photographs for users to access and understand.

Fiat has also introduced a comprehensive warranty policy which includes a three year manufacturer’s warranty which can be extended upto five years. A new 24×7 call center, mobile service vans and towing facilities to take care of minor and major breakdowns and even tow the Fiat vehicle to the nearest service dealer are being introduced. Global training schools, immediate supplies of spares and logistics facilities at Ranjangaon are all being offered to facilitate better company-customer relations. Fiat hopes to secure a 1% market share in India for the year as proposed earlier but that plan could take a while longer depending on difficult economic constraints, and low buyer sentiment.