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Fiat terms Maserati plant strike Absolutely Incomprehensible

fiat plant strike in italy

Fiat Chrysler’s Maserati plant in Grugliasco, Italy has been in the news due to striking by FIOM (Federazione Impiegati Operai Metallurgici) union. The reasons for this strike have been numerous, ranging from holidays in August to various contract negotiations which were stalled.

fiat plant strike in italyOver 200 employees out of a total strength of 2,019 workers have been on strike, protesting against various deficiencies in working conditions. These strikes have lead to a series of heated discussions between management of Fiat Chrysler Group and Union, while the company has termed all actions by the union as ‘absolutely incomprehensible’. The Grugliasco factory was commissioned in January 2013 and produces the Maserati Quattroporte and Ghibli sport sedans.

Fiat Group in their defense claims that though the strike involved just 209 workers, the company lost production of 11 vehicles due to down time. The strike has taken place in one of the most modern auto assembly plants in the world, into which the company has invested around €1 billion to retool the plant catering to the production of these new and exclusive models.

The plant is fitted with state of the art technology and rolls out some of the most highly acclaimed luxury vehicle sold across the globe. Fiat also claims that they have saved the jobs of over 1000 Bertone workers and 1300 Mirafiori workers taking the total to 2300 while there are plans to add 500 more workers in September as production is increased.


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