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Fiat Punto 90 HP GQ Expedition 2012

A Fiat Punto 90 HP is what Captain Prabhakar AVR along with Shiva Kalyan S Navigator will be using to try and break a record and make it to the Limca Book of World Records. This time round they will complete the drive in 75 hours to try and break their previous record.

The due will drive 6041 kms in 75 hours in a Fiat Grande Punto 90 HP which is one of the more powerful diesel hatchbacks. The demanding and grueling challenge will get them mention in the Limca Book of records, something which Prabhakar AVR is quite used to. He has undertaken endurance records such as 2180 kms in 24 hours on a bike. He has travelled 4 lakh kms in both bikes and cars across the country and even taken to the heights of Ladakh on a bike. His counterpart, Shiva Kalyan S is equally adventurous and has participated in endurance record of 2000 kms in a Grande Punto 90 and undertaken to break records in a Palio D across mountain trails. He is the co founder of Fiat Classic Club in Hyderabad.

While attempting to break this new record, the two enthusiasts will undertake a journey from Vijaywada and cover a distance of 6041 kms across three days from Vijaywada covering 6041 kms and will return back to Vijaywada. These events sponsored by Fiat India. While Map My India will be sponsors of the GPS live tracker. Tyres are sponsored by Yokohama while Great Hyderabad Adventure Club is sponsoring the travel related items.

News release: Fiat Punto 90 HP gears up for the ‘GQ expedition 2012’ challenge

~Captain Prabhakar AVR and Navigator Shiva Kalyan S attempt to complete the drive in a record time of 75 hours as they hope to make it to the Limca Book of Records by bettering their previous mark~

Captain Prabhakar AVR and Navigator Shiva Kalyan S will set out for the GQ Expedition challenge as they hope to complete the drive of close to 6041 Kms in 75 hours. This will be their attempt to grab a spot in the Limca Book of World records. They will be using the Fiat Grande Punto 90 HP EMOTION, a real delight of Fiat India and the most powerful diesel hatch and will set out for an exigent expedition.

Prabhakar AVR – Did endurance records like 2180km in 24 hours on bike, traveled more than 4lakh kilometres in cars & Bikes in India. Travelled to Ladakh on Bike, Did speed runs of 2270kms in under 23 hours in car non – stop.
Shiva Kalyan S – Did endurance records of around 2000 kms nonstop in a Grande Punto 90 and have extensively driven the Palio D for over a half and a Lakh kms comprising of 24 hours nonstop runs, Mountain Trails etc. He used to be the moderator of the Hyderabad chapter of the Fiat Fraternity and a co-founder of Fiat Classic Club Hyderabad.

The journey would commence from Vijaywada covering a drive of close to 6041 Kms and over a span of 3 days. The route is Vijayawada –> Chennai –> Bangalore –> Tumkur –> Kohlapur –> Pune –> Mumbai –> Jaipur –> Delhi –> Agra –> Calcutta –> Bubhaneswar –> Vishakapatnam –> Rajahmundry –> Vijayawada. The Current record stays at 86 hours ( 6041km).

The event is being sponsored by Fiat India. Map My India is sponsoring the GPS live tracker for the event. HV kumar of Mumbai is working as the off-board navigator for the Drive using the Live Tracker. Motul is sponsoring their fully synthetic Engine oils for the Event. The official online media partner is Motoroids. Technical assistance, tuning boxes for better performance & mileage, Dyno runs for optimization, etc., are being provided by Performance companies like Race Dynamics & Spitfire automotive. The tires are sponsored by Yokohama. GHAC (Great Hyderabad Adventure Club ) is sponsoring the travel related items. HWS ( Hyderabad Weekend Shoots ) is the official photography partner.

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