Fiat Tipo Crossover imagined via rendering

The ongoing Geneva Motor Show has all the three existing variants of the Fiat Tipo – Sedan, Hatchback and Estate – on display. Considering that the whole world is going crazy about SUVs, wouldn’t a Fiat Tipo Crossover be an interesting proposition? We certainly think it would be and a rendering artist (Xtom) who is also a forum member at thinks the same way.

The speculative rendering of the Tipo Crossover is based on the Tipo Estate. The artist has shortened the Estate by a bit and jacked up the ground clearance to arrive at a very proportionate compact SUV. This exercise demonstrates the versatility of the Tipo family’s design language which can be made to adopt all possible body styles without much of an effort.

Fiat Tipo Estate 2016 Geneva Motor SHow Live Photos
The speculative rendering is based on the Fiat Tipo Estate which world premiered at Geneva Motor Show.

Mind you Fiat hasn’t talked anything about a possible Tipo-based crossover derivative yet, so as of now, it remains to be a wishful thought rather than an actual product in the pipeline. If at all such a crossover is to be developed, it would take complete advantage of component sharing with its siblings and hence would have a much shorter lead time and a highly competitive price tag.

Fiat Tipo hatch at 2016 Geneva Motor Show 1
The Tipo Hatchback replaces the aging Bravo in EMEA region.

The Fiat Tipo Crossover could be positioned below the 500X crossover, and marketed in the EMEA region like rest of the Tipo lineup. The Tipo sedan, hatchback and crossover replacing the Linea, Punto and Avventura respectively could just be what Fiat India needs in the coming years. What do you think?

Fiat Tipo Estate – Photos

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