First Indian bikers to do around the world road trip – 1 Yezdi, 42,038 km

The year is 1994. A time when there was no GPS, any sort of navigation apps whatsoever, mobiles or satellite phones. Yet, there were bikers who were motivated and adventorus enough to go on a road trip around the world.

Meet Deepak Kamath and G H Basavaraj. The duo had been planning to do a round the world journey for the last four years. Finally, in 1994 they started their journey, and that too on a motorcycle. They went on to set a new world record of travelling across all 6 continents in the shortest possible time.

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The total cost of the project was INR 12 lakhs which was covered by willing sponsors which included Ideal Jawa, Castrol and CEAT Tyres among others. The bike in question was a Yezdi Roadking produced by an Indian company Ideal Jawa Limited from 1978 to 1996 which stood with the duo on good stead throughout the 119-day journey across 42,038 kms and over 6 continents.

The sponsors provided the riders with help in the form of the bike, specially designed wheels and immediate shipping of spare parts to whichever continent they were in at the time, besides leather jackets and helmets.

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Though the journey was a chance of a lifetime and an expedition to remember, it was not easy for Kamath and Basavaraj who had to face their fair share of hardships along the way. The journey that was undertaken 21 years ago is just as fresh in the minds and hearts of duo as they accomplished their task on the 250cc bike across 6 continents with a minimum of 1,000 miles in each continent without using the same road twice.

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Watch Deepak Kamath remember the journey in the video below.

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