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First Jawa motorcycle delivery could be made today in Mumbai

Those who are awaiting deliveries of Jawa Motorcycles to start, your wait will most likely end today. At the time of launch on 15th Nov, Jawa Motorcycles had revealed that deliveries will start in March 2019.

At the start of March 2019, Jawa Motorcycles announced that deliveries will start in the 4th week of March 2019. At the start of 4th week of March, Jawa announced launch of Signature Edition. As of 28th March 2019, no deliveries of Jawa had been made.

But there is hope. On 27th March, Jawa Motorcycles announced on Twitter that deliveries will start in a day or two. Being true to their word, Jawa will most likely deliver the first motorcycle today.

Today, Jawa has also organized a fund raiser event, where they will auction Signature Edition Jawa motorcycles. The proceeds from this event will be donated to the children of the martyrs of Indian Armed Forces. The event will take place in Mumbai, which will also be streamed LIVE on facebook as well as YouTube.

Considering that today is also the date when Jawa promised to start delivery, it is likely that the first Jawa motorcycle is delivered to customer at the same event.

As per Jawa, those owners who are to get delivery in March 2019, have been informed by their respective dealers. Those owners who are to be given delivery in April 2019, will be informed on 31st March 2019. Jawa has not revealed how many motorcycles they will deliver in March 2019. People who have booked Jawa, have asked Jawa to update delivery details on the website to make it easier, cause as of right now, it is like a suspense game.

The new Jawa is priced at Rs.1.64 lakhs while the Jawa Forty Two carries a price tag of Rs.1.55 lakhs. These prices are for the rear drum brake variant. As of now, deliveries of only these will start. Dual ABS variant deliveries will only start in June 2019. Jawa aims to take on Royal Enfield Classic 350, which registers about 40,000 monthly sales in India.

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