Flying Pop.Up Car Concept in Geneva from Airbus & Italdesign

Most likely to be seen in a video game rather than in reality, Pop.Up Car Concept is a car, drone and train.

Airbus has partnered with Italian design firm Italdesign and has revealed a new conceptual car-and-drone project called Pop.Up. Pop.Up is a Smart Car sized monocoque or passenger capsule which can be modified to offer varying means of transport.

The accompanying video reveals how the Pop.Up isa car, drone and train. First it is summoned by a woman in self driving car form while it goes on to a parking garage wherein a giant quadcopter takes to capsule into the air and to her destination. The video also shows off a row of such Pop.Up capsules embedded inside a train.

Pop.Up, offering multi modal transport systems is ideal for both ground and air. It is fitted with two different electric propelled modules for ground and air while an interface module interacts with users virtually.

It is being showcased at 2017 Geneva Motor Show in concept format bringing to the fore the versatility of a small two seater road car that can take off vertically and land. It is ideally suited to deal with traffic congestion, ride sharing option and is timing and cost efficient as well.

Pop.Up measures 8.5 ft in length, 4.6 ft in height and 4.9 ft in width. As a street car it is fitted with a battery pack while for air travel it receives a 16×14’ air module propelled by 8 counter rotating rotors.