Force Gurkha Rainforest Challenge India edition starts today

rainforest challenge india starts

Force Gurkha Rainforest Challenge 2014 gets off to a flying start in Goa from August 8-14, 2014. Coming to India for the first time, the challenge is set to act as a major boost to the off-roading community in India.

rainforest challenge india startsAn offshoot of the Malaysia RCF, the Indian edition is being held in Goa due to the fact that it shares its topography with Malaysia. With Goa’s undulating terrain, hilly slopes, mining sites and red mud making it ideal for this sort of off roading challenge. RCF India will be conducted in various stages across 250 kms around Goa while in partnership with Goa Tourism so as to draw the attention of tourists.

Organized in countries such as Vietnam, China, Tunisia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Italy, Russia and China in the past, first edition of Force Gurkha RFC comes to India. It is being held in Goa and is being organized by Cougar Motorsport. This week long event will see participation by a total of 40 teams from various off road clubs from both India and abroad. These contenders will be divided into four sections Prologue, Predator, Terminator and Twilight Zones and will be put through the test though fauna and flora of Goa will be protected while an Environment Award is planned for the team that shows maximum care for the environment.

The teams will have to cook their own meals, set up camp sites and contend with all constraints along the route that the vagaries of nature will throw at them. It will be open to all road registered 4 wheel drive vehicles besides All Terrain Vehicles though it is not open to 4×4 commercial vehicles, vans and agricultural vehicles.

More info on their official Facebook page – RFC India


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