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Force Gurkha RFC India 2015 brings with it Off Road Expo

Force Gurkha RFC India 2015 is scheduled for 24th to 31st July in Goa. Cougar Motorsport are also undertaking a Rainforest edition of Off Road Expo to be held from 24th to 26th July, on the sidelines of RFC. Off-roading in India has been gaining in popularity through dedicated off-road clubs and community activity, with a few automobile manufacturers introducing vehicles targeted specifically towards off-road enthusiast.

Force Gurkha RFC India 2015 promises to be bigger and will host an Off Road Expo

Rainforest edition of Off Road Expo looks to bring together car and bike manufacturers, off-road equipment and accessory manufacturers and suppliers, outdoor gear brands and off-road clubs with support from Evo.

Cougar Motorsport Founder and Director Ashish Gupta says the off-roading boom is small and new here, being a segment with huge growth potential. RFC India last year introduced India to the global off-road motorsport map offering Indian off-roaders international exposure. As a large number of off-roaders and adventure enthusiasts converge in Goa for Force Gurkha RFC India 2015, it’s a opportune platform to for the off-road industry to come together and interact with enthusiasts to showcase products and offerings. Entertainment and edutainment activities are scheduled for Rainforest edition Off Road Expo visitors. A dedicated off-road track will allow enthusiasts to test their off-road driving and vehicle recovery skills.

For successfully organising the 1st Rainforest Challenge in India, Cougar Motorsport won multiple Motorsport awards across categories from various juries. JK Tyre- Off Road Award honoured excellence in off-roading, and recognised Cougar Motorsport / RFC India for ‘Event of the year’.

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