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Force Motors commissions 1,000 units of Traveller Ambulances for Covid-19 patients

Each of these 1,000 ambulances are fitted with all vital lifesaving equipment in accordance to the National Ambulance Code

Pune based Force Motors has commissioned 1000 units of the Traveller Ambulances. These have been supplied to the Government of Andhra Pradesh to help Covid-19 patients. Out of these 1,000 units, 130 units are advanced life support ambulances, 282 are basic support ambulances while there are 656 mobile medical units which offer healthcare services with quick response time.

These ambulances are painted in colours of blue and white or green and white. They are fitted with COVID-19 screening and testing facilities. One can avail these by dialling 104 or 108, and are deployed by the Andhra Pradesh health department as per the situation.

These are factory built ambulances and ready to use from day one. They are a part of the Rs.25 crores that was earmarked by Force Motors to support COVID-19 relief activities in the country. These Force Motors Traveller ambulances come in with all necessary infrastructure and testing facilities.

Force Motors Traveller Ambulances

Force claims that their ambulances have already come to the aid of over 10 lakh coronavirus patients across India, during the lockdown period. The easing of the lockdown is set to bring about a surge in such cases and the Central and every State Government are eager to enhance their healthcare infrastructure to cope with this increase.

The most advanced life saving ambulances are fitted with equipment such as a defibrillator, transport ventilator, BP apparatus, stretcher, spine board etc so as to treat critically ill patients on the way to the hospital itself. The Type B ambulance is for those patients who do not require any immediate treatment while in transit to the hospitals.

Type C ambulance is a basic life support ambulance, used to transport patients who require basic attention and who may also require non invasive airway management. There is also the Type D ambulance for the critically ill patients.

Considering each type of requirement, Force Motors has offered a mix of these ambulances. While the initial 1000 units have been deployed to the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Prasan Firodia, Managing Director, Force Motors states that the ongoing pandemic has suddenly highlighted the inadequacies in the healthcare system in the country which is unable to meet with demand. Force Motors also looks forward to providing the Force Traveller Ambulances and supporting such initiatives in other states as well.

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