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Force Tempo Traveller modified into a Motor Home for Rs 30 lakhs

The Traveller Finetza limited edition motor home has a lounge, compact bed room and an aircraft-style toilet

Pithampur-based Pinnacle Industries, a company which specializes in commercial vehicle interiors and conversions, has developed a stunning upmarket motor home based on the Force Traveller. The Force Traveller Finetza motor home looks super premium both on the inside and outside, making it an interesting choice of transportation for affluent clients who are looking for the comfortableness of a private jet on the road.

House of wheels

Let’s start with the motor homes exterior design. While it still is recognizable as a Tempo Traveller, the Finetza looks much more premium, thanks to the extensive body kits all around. The revamped front fascia sports a massive chrome embellished grille, custom lights and a sporty bumper with chrome accent. Even the bonnet and aerodynamic roof are different from the stock vehicle.

Force Tempo Traveller
Force Tempo Traveller image for reference

There is hardly any trace of the Traveller in profile. The Finetza motor home features a completely new bodywork designed from scratch. Highlights include larger front doors, an exclusive door to the passenger compartment (the driver cabin is isolated), larger tinted greenhouse and longer rear overhang. The custom rear fascia features combination lights that run across the width of the vehicle.

Force Traveller Motor Home


The Force Traveller Finetza’s posh interior is appointed with comfortable and generously proportioned lounge seats with neat beige and brown color theme. The materials used and custom lighting render a luxurious appeal to the living room. Of course the level of equipment depends on the client’s wish list and budget. This particular example is fitted with TV, AC and a small pantry.

Thanks to the extended rear overhang, the Force Traveller Finezta motor home is able to accommodate a compact yet comfortable bedroom and an aircraft-style toilet. We can ample overhead storage spaces.

Force Traveller Motor Home

The Force Traveller T2 is powered by a Mercedes derived 2.6-liter four-cylinder engine which is tuned to deliver 115 hp and 350 Nm of torque. Transmission is a 5-speed manual unit. There are no details about possible modifications to the powertrain to handle the additional weight and electrical load.

Cost of Modification

The Force Traveller Finezta motor home can be ordered through Vijayawada-based Saboo Brothers Force dealership. Depending on the level of equipment, this Traveller T2 based house on wheels would set you back by around Rs 25 to 30 lakh. It is unclear if the price includes the base vehicle as well or not.

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