Ford F150 copy emerges in China, courtesy Chinese car maker – Jianghuai Auto Corporation (Photos)

The new Ford F-150 has been copied by Chinese car manufacturer, Jianghuai Auto Corporation. The Chinese version of Ford F150 is renamed as 4R3 Pickup. An onlooker will easily make out the distinct similarities between the Ford F-150 and what the Chinese firm has on offer. Jianghuai obviously wants to entice buyers across China, Africa and South America with this cheaper, larger and obviously copied model.

Differences between the two are negligible while similarities are a plenty. JAC is a small auto manufacturer based in China who offers modified Hyundai cars, SUVs and pickups. The model offered by them is a stark replica of Ford F 150. The 4R3 has a 2.8 liter diesel four cylinder engine offering 108 hp and 177 lb/ft torque. The company has not priced this vehicle but will be showcasing it at the Beijing Motor Show in April but only time will tell as to when and if this model will actually make it to production.