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Now you can 3D print your Ford car in any size at home

Ford 3D print store models

3D printing has revolutionized the world of rapid prototyping. It also opened up a new form of art and Ford wants to entertain its tech savvy fans with this technology.

Ford has inaugurated its online 3D print store from where customers can order their favorite pre-printed 3D Ford car models or purchase downloadable printable files so that they can create their own scale model of any desired size and material! Customers can also purchase digital 3D digital images from a growing library of over 1,000 images.

Ford 3D print store models

Mark Bentley, licensing manager, Ford Global Brand Licensing, says that 3D printing at home is a growing trend and it’s sensible to offer customers a chance to make their own 3D car models. He added that the American automaker uses this technology in rapid prototyping of parts and it wants to share that fun with its fans.

Last year, around 44,000 units of 3D printers were sold in the US and according to Juniper Research’s prediction, this figure will surpass million units by 2018. Ford 3D Print Store has got the timing spot on!

3D printed model of the Ford GT from the Ford 3D Store.

Licensed printable 3D files will let customers print their own models in any size and material.

Currently, Ford 3D Print store ( offers printed models (1:32 scale) of F150 Raptor, new GT, Shelby GT350R, Focus ST and Fiesta ST. More such printed models and printable files will be added in due course.

When customers purchases a 3D model or printable file, they need to register themselves on site and pledge that the item will not be used for commercial purposes. It’s only a matter of time before 3D printing craze spreads on a global level.

Just imagine a life size Ford GT40 in your living room!


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