Ford working on camera-based Advanced Front Lighting System

Ford’s European Research and Innovation Centre in Aachen, Germany, is currently working on a new camera-based Advanced Front Lighting System. The system which consists of headlamps, LED spotlights, foglamps and a set of front-mounted cameras, aims to provide better illumination of the road ahead, thereby enhancing safety.

Ford’s Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting System
Ford is expected to introduce Advanced Front Lighting System in its production cars soon.

The system uses a front camera and GPS data (where available) to identify bends and dips and direct the headlamp illumination accordingly. The camera records the roads and stores it along GPS data so that the next time the driver uses the same road, the system knows exactly where to focus the illumination.

Ford’s Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting System
The system employs a set of cameras, GPS, headlamps, foglamps and spotlights.

There is also a grille-mounted infrared camera which scans for possible obstacles or animals within a range of 120 metres. If an obstacle is detected, the bumper-mounted LED spotlights illuminate them. The infrared camera is also connected to a display on the dashboard which highlights the obstacle in red of yellow frame depending on the obstacle’s distance from the vehicle.

Ford Advanced Front Lighting System roundabout
The system illuminates the exits of the roundabout adequately.

Ford’s Advanced Front Lighting System enables the driver to take on unfamiliar roads more comfortably (for instance, exists of the roundabouts are illuminated properly) and spot unexpected hazards in time to take evasive actions.

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Ford Advanced Front Lighting System turns
The front camera records the road information and stores it along with the car’s navigational data.