Ford and Samsung to introduce new dual-battery system (Video)

lithium-ion-battery Ford and Samsung to introduce new dual-battery systemThe dual battery system for gas powered cars introduced by Ford and Samsung will result in large scale fuel savings where future vehicles are concerned. It will see the combination of lithium ion batteries along with a 12 V lead acid battery and is the culmination of 10 long years of partnership and research.

As on date, Ford offers regenerative braking in all its hybrid cars to the extent of 90% of electric power which would in normal circumstances be lost when braking to the battery. All hybrid vehicles from Ford comes with a new technology called Auto Stop-Start which turns off the engine when it stops. This then redirects power flow from the engine to an advanced battery which automatically switches the engine back on once brake pedal is released.

lead-vs-lithium-Ford and Samsung to introduce new dual-battery systemNot resting on its laurels where introduction of the new dual battery system which should make its presence felt in all Ford vehicles in the future. Ford and Samsung will continue with their alliance to bring in even more advanced lithium ion batteries which could one day see the end of lead acid batteries.

Apart from this, Ford also introduced a new concept vehicle in the form of a new Ford Lightweight Concept vehicle that cuts weight of a 2013 Ford Fusion midsized sedan to that of a Fiesta compact thus resulting in a 25% weight loss. This technology uses some techniques and advanced mix of materials that is seen on the latest smartphones.