Ford announces widespread expansion plans for 2014

Ford’s expansion plans which include 23 new vehicles are more than double in number as compared to launches in 2013. The company is keen to expand its new Lincoln MKC range and Transit family of commercial vehicles. Three new plants will include Changan Ford Assembly Plant and Changan Transmission Plant in Chongqing, China and Camaçari Engine Plant in Brazil. Plant in China will ensure increased production capacity by 300,000 units per annum, for which Ford will hire over 6,000 new employees next year, while 5000 new workers will be hired in the US.

Ford announces widespread expansion plans for 2014Production operations of Ford’s new Transit range will commence at Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant from mid 2014. The company has already employed 2000 workers while the balance 3000 will be added in due course, out of which 80% will be technical professionals who will assist in product development, manufacturing, quality and IT. This is Ford’s most extensive expansion in 50 years and the last time that the company undertook this sort of development was when Dwight D. Eisenhower was President of US.

“Next year, we are embarking on our most ambitious global launch year ever to meet customer demand for our products around the world,” said Raj Nair, group vice president, Ford global product development. “We are investing even more through our One Ford plan to serve more customers, in more segments – and deliver profitable growth.” For more information, scroll through the press release below.