Ford Brazil parade EcoSport SUV: Robinho and Marcos take part (Photos & Video)

Earlier yesterday in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, American car maker, Ford marked the launch of their compact SUV, EcoSport at the Football Challenge Wheel event. This is the first of many such events that will take place in Brazilian cities over the next few weeks, to mark the launch of EcoSport SUV. Ford Motors officially unveiled the EcoSport SUV at the Delhi Auto Expo earlier this year and showcased later at the Beijing Motor Show.

Ford EcoSport SUV parade will take the new car to three major Brazilian cities. Earlier in Brazil yesterday, world champion football players, AC Milan’s Robinho and former world cup winning player, Marcos also participated in the Ford Ecosport Football Challenge Wheel event. Read the press release below to for detailed report.

Auto News Release

“Football Challenge Wheel” is the first of a series of mass events marking the launch of the new Ford EcoSport.

St. Paul-Ford innovates and performs over a special event to introduce the general public its future release: New EcoSport. As part of its strategy to be ever closer to its consumers, the company launched the EcoSport Parade, a series of events with the SUV as a global player, which will go through three large Brazilian cities.

The first action will be a challenge uniting the two great passions of Brazilians: car and football. The “Football Challenge Wheel” happens on Saturday, June 9, in the parking lot of the Shopping Eldorado in São Paulo. The event will feature two renowned names in Brazilian football, the five-time champion of the Brazilian goalkeeper, Mark, and the current AC Milan striker, Robinho, and the animation of the actor Marcio Garcia.

“This is a global strategy of Ford, who wants to be ever closer to their customers and make them know our new products closely before they even reach the distributors,” said Rogelio Golfarb, director of Corporate Affairs for Ford South America

The next EcoSport Parades take place in Porto Alegre, and Rio de Janeiro, RJ, in July and August, respectively. “Surely Ford will continue to surprise the Brazilian public. In both events we have enough focus on social media. And only I can say that one of these events involve a great name of Brazilian popular music, “he said Golfarb.

The EcoSport Parade happen after the success of the first public appearance of the SUV overall, what happened during the show and Carlinhos Brown Timbalada in Salvador, BA. The event attracted around 100 thousand people and took place hours before the car was shown at the Salon of Beijing (China). Before that, the new Ford EcoSport was presented to the press and authorities on Jan. 4, in Brasilia, and in New Delhi (India).

To control all EcoSport Parades, Ford signed a contract with the actor Marcio Garcia, who was also the emcee of the presentation car in Bahia.

The agency is Aktuell BTL (below the line) from Ford in Brazil for six years. The company is ahead of all actions to launch the New EcoSport in the country. Besides launching in January, Aktuell held the presentation of the car show in April, Bahia and organizes the three stages of EcoSport Parade.

The challenge behind the wheel EcoSport Parade-At first, Ford will build a football minicampo Shopping Eldorado in the parking lot where Mark and Robinho will shoot out several charges for about an hour.

Firstly, the kicks will be made in the traditional style (male x male) and then driving the new Ford EcoSport. Challenge will be used in a ball of polyurethane, specially developed for the event to have a performance similar to the balls used by players in traditional games.

The choice of Robinho and Mark is due to the fact that, like athletes, the new Brazilian EcoSport has DNA (plant was developed in Camaçari / BA) and Brazilian talent will lead to approximately 100 markets worldwide.

The New EcoSport compact SUV-The new generation, raised in South America, is the newest product developed for the One Ford global emerging markets, including India and Brazil. Its bold new design with improved aerodynamics for fuel economy, keeps the basic features of EcoSport to attract a new generation of urban consumers who seek freedom.

First global passenger vehicle brand created in South America, the EcoSport symbolizes the growing importance of Brazil and the region in the global structure of product development at Ford. The new EcoSport is part of a new line of B segment cars from Ford, which will reach an annual output of more than two million units by 2015.

New EcoSport show the ball is in technology and security-The New EcoSport offers a driving experience to a higher standard of connectivity, security and convenience on board. It was developed to meet the highest standards of safety in the various markets where it is sold. His body was developed with design tools and advanced software for weight reduction, combining zones programmed to absorb impact energy with a cell extremely rigid occupant protection.

The vehicle also offers a rich set of equipment for active and passive safety to prevent accidents and protect passengers, including dual airbags for driver and passenger as standard and the option of curtain airbags. Sidebars reinforce the body’s protection against impacts pelvic region, along with the door trim made with impact-absorbing materials to protect the chest and abdomen.


Ecosport Parade – Shopping Eldorado, SP – Parte 1/3



Ecosport Parade – Shopping Eldorado, SP – Parte 2/3



Ecosport Parade – Shopping Eldorado, SP – Parte 3/3