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Ford Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler off-road challenge captured on video

Moab is considered as the home of Jeep Wrangler – How will the new Ford Bronco perform against its arch rival

Ever since Ford announced it was bringing back the iconic Bronco range, off-roading enthusiasts were eager to know what the newly incarnated SUV would be like. Following an official reveal, Bronco SUV fans have not been able to keep calm.

The Bronco moniker is synonymous for its true-blue SUV characteristics, and hence, has a big reputation to live up to. Opening in North American markets first, new 2021 Bronco goes head to head with another heavyweight of all-terrain capabilities- the Jeep Wrangler.

Pitted against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles(FCA) owned Jeep Wrangler, people have been wondering, which is better in tackling extreme off-road conditions. Here is a video which might help us understand their individual off-road capabilities.

While Bronco returns after almost quarter of a century to America, it enjoys enormous respect, akin to Jeep Wrangler. The latter is known for its off-roading ability, and all-terrain prowess. A video uploaded by Bronco6G forum on their YouTube channel suggests otherwise. The Bronco on video clearly trumps its Jeep counterpart on steep rocky climbs.

First up is a two-door Bronco with 33-inch all-terrain tyres, a heavy duty front bumper, and 10-speed automatic transmission. Quite simply, it makes the rock crawl look effortless. A four-door Wrangler Rubicon running factory 33-inch tyres is up next, and as it hits the same patch, it struggles. The vlogger points out that the longer wheelbase of the Wrangler is the primary reason why it fails to make the climb at the first go.

The Bronco in question is a Badlands two-door variant sat on a wheelbase of 2550 mm, whereas the Wrangler Rubicon has a wheelbase of 3007 mm, putting it at a clear disadvantage. Eventually, the Jeep makes its way up, and we see a four-door Bronco, also fitted with 33-inch wheels and a 7-speed manual gearbox tackle the same challenge. Unlike the Wrangler four-door, it climbs at first go.

To be noted is the objectivity of this comparison as its showcased by a channel dedicated to the Ford Bronco forum. The Wrangler’s eventual ascent is not part of the video, and this may have given us better insight. Ford could simply be resting the new Bronco’s abilities. The video is not suggestive of the Wrangler being less in any way.

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