Ford Business Service Centre and their three pairs of twins

Not one or two but three sets of twins are employed together at Ford Business Service Centre in India. Though this sometimes causes confusion among staff, they have all proven their worth at their respective offices.

All dressed in similar uniforms causes more confusion especially for K Malliswari and K Maheswari who work as senior team members at the Chennai office of Ford. One sister outspoken against her shy twin said that though their appearances cause confusion they both found Ford Business Service Centre a great place to work as its excellent work environment contributed to high employee morale and satisfaction.

Similarly, V Jayasri and Subasri, two financial analysts who have been working with Ford for the last 6 years too have caused confusion among other employees due to their similarities. The third pair namely R Vanitha and Anitha too works at the Coimbatore and Chennai setup of Ford respectively.
Malliswari says, “For the first few occasions, anyone who comes across us gets confused. But both of us find this to be a really great place to work because it develops employee morale, has a really good working environment, and provides support and encouragement.”

V. Jayasri and Subasri, who joined FBSC six years ago as financial analysts,  says, “We were lucky to have joined the same team and reporting to the same manager, but rarely did we know there’d be so much confusion due to our similar appearances. I was working in APA accounting and people would ask payroll queries and then I’d have to explain it was my twin sister they were looking for. Ford has an excellent work culture, diversity, a responsive HR department which listens to employees, and finally the personal attention that helps employees perform better.”