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Ford China opens 88 dealerships in 1 day

Ford China opens 88 dealerships in 1 day

Beating of Chinese drums and lions dancing proclaimed the opening of an astounding 88 Ford dealerships in China in a single day. Noting increased demand and keen to expand reach into the far corners of China, Ford has opened 88 new dealerships in a single day on Thursday June 19, 2014 thus taking total dealership count in the country to 750 dealers.

Ford China opens 88 dealerships in 1 dayFord’s local joint venture, Changan Ford Automobile Co Ltd takes into account, the country’s huge population and the pace at which the auto industry is increasing in China. Ford promises a total of 800 dealerships by the end of 2014 reaching into the rural areas and smaller towns.

These increased dealerships is part of the company’s plan to take competition head on and extend their preview to newer markets which to date have been largely disregarded as feasible auto markets. Each of these new Ford dealers will play a major role in not only increasing sales but also in offering superior services, offering job opportunities and overall increasing customer ownership experience and increasing the economy of the country.

Changan Ford has introduced a number of new models into China, including the New Ford Focus and Kuga. In 2013, a total of 678,951 units were sold through the joint venture resulting in a YoY 62% increase in growth. Sales by Changan Ford in the first five months of 2014 have totaled 330,771 units with an accumulative YoY increase of 43%.


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  • Tejas W

    This is insane. This only shows how fast the market in China is growing.

  • tfortea

    china is going forward ahead of india by atleast 20 years now..