Ford EcoBoost 1.0L powers blender, skateboard and ball thrower – Videos

Ford has been promoting its popular 1.0L EcoBoost turbocharged petrol engine through a seemingly never ending series of videos. The latest set of videos featuring Swedish actor and director Dolph Lundgren takes the experiment level to crazy.

Lundgren plays a mad scientist who experiments with the potent Ford EcoBoost engine and some regular objects like a blender, skateboard and a baseball pitching machine. Here are videos.

Titled Blender of Brutality, the first video shows Lundgren attempting to power a 4 hp blender with the 125 hp EcoBoost motor. As you predicted, the blender wasted no time in breaking into pieces owing to the overwhelming torque. So, the mad scientist goes ahead and builds a brutal blender on his own with a huge strengthened glass jar and very strong blades. Watch the video to know what the EcoBoost powered blender can do.

The next video goes under the name Superior Skateboard. The compact EcoBoost mill is strapped onto the back of a skateboard, resulting in a machine that can travel well beyond 100 kmph.

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The third video involves a Ballistic Ball Launcher which derives its power from the turbo petrol mill. The machine is capable of accelerating the ball up to speeds of 320 kmph!

Ford EcoSport (Europe-spec) – Photos

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