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Ford EcoSport driver blocks ambulance carrying ill newborn baby: Video

In a move that defies logic, Nirmal Jose refused to get out of the path of an ambulance, which was carrying an ill baby to hospital. Not only did he not move aside, he continued to drive in front of the ambulance long enough for the latter to be delayed. A distance that would usually take 20 minutes to cover, took the ambulance driver 35 minutes because of the Ford EcoSport driver’s carelessness who later went to on to justify his behaviour by saying he was trying to make way for the ambulance.

The accompanying video clearly indicates how the EcoSport in front of the ambulance blocked the way of the driver despite frantic honking. While every driver on the road generally clears the way for an oncoming ambulance, this was not the case where Nirmal Jose of Kochi, the driver in the Ford EcoSport, was concerned. It is evident that the Ford EcoSport driver was in the direct path of the ambulance which was carrying an ill new born baby as it was rushing towards the hospital. Nirmal, who blocked the ambulance, allowing it to pass only after desperate honking, and was driving with hazard lights on, has been arrested and his vehicle seized.

In his statement to the police, Madhu, the driver of the ambulance, alleges that Nirmal did not allow him to pass, causing him a 15 minute delay.

The baby on board the ambulance had some breathing difficulties and was being taken from a hospital in Perumbavoor to Kalamassery Medical College. The Ford EcoSport, registration number KL 17 L 202, continued to drive in front of the ambulance which took the driver 25 minutes to reach his destination as against 20 minutes. Nirmal initially went missing but was later traced and arrested but was later let off. The EcoSport in question has been seized and Aluva Joint RTO Mr. CS Ayyappan has ordered that Nirmal’s driving license be seized and suspended. The Ford EcoSport driver has been booked under IPC section 279 (rash driving or riding on a public way).

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