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2014 Ford Fiesta Quick Service experience

Quick Service by Ford dealerships is offered for any kind of scheduled maintenance / periodical service that does not demand any excruciating additional work to the car. Of course customers can mention their problems / niggling issues they face with the machine, they would be attended, but if the car has unusual or unpredicted setback for its mileage, quick service may not be suitable.

Anyways, once you decide to service your car, it is advisable to call up the dealership and fix an appointment. But nowadays, before you get the chance to dial their number, you would receive a call from them instead asking for your convenient time. Ford dealerships aren’t new to such customer tracking and interaction, each dealership has a dedicated team to monitor its clientele. (In case you’ve been to more then one service centre, you may be showered with invites from all of them simultaneously).

Now, after fixing an appointment, well, head to the service centre.

Here is a step-by-step tour of Ford Quick Service, the specimen here is a 2014 Ford Fiesta ready for its first free service.

At the place, security guards at the check post / gate noted down the car’s registration number and odometer reading, and timestamped the arrival.

They then checked the car (including boot) for suspicious items and cleared for entry into the service centre.

The car was parked at customer parking.

Upon entering the reception in the main building, front desk personnel was informed of the appointment, who then allotted a service executive to guide through the servicing process.

The executive had us seated shotgun and took a quick spin to hear out complaints and do a short study of the car’s handling, behaviour and NVH levels.

Then it was taken into the service shop and parked at front for preliminary inspection.

The service advisor got a job card and started examining the vehicle condition, like scratches, dents, extra fittings, all lights, fuel level, odo reading and items that need to be handed to the owner.

The executive again asked the owner about complaints and doubts that need special attention, and noted them down in the same card.

The advisor then tore off the service coupon attached to the car’s ‘Owner’s Manual’ booklet and filled it up.

Then a vehicle report card was generated, and job card details were entered into the computer. By this time, the service representative decided that this car was eligible for quick service as it did not require any elaborate repair.

After getting signatures from the customer on job card, vehicle report, estimated bill and declaration form, the Fiesta was logged on the bay’s schedule board and driven onto the ramp.

The customer was then escorted to the VIP lounge, where beverages, magazines and television viewing are served, along with direct sight to the car being serviced.

The service technicians started by opening the bonnet and inspecting the fluid levels, while an assistant covered the front fender with a magnetic cloth to protect from grease and scratches.

He also covered driver seat with similar fabric before occupying the same to thoroughly check the instruments and lights for any fault.

Then the car was jacked up to examine wheels, wheel bearings, and the like.

One of mentioned complaints was random noise from under the engine.

The mechanic removed the under-engine cover and started inspecting for abnormalities.

Among other basic check-ups, the Fiesta’s brakes were opened and cleaned.

Once the check list for first-service was completed, the car was jacked down and sent out of the workshop for cleaning.

First phase of cleaning was interior, which was vacuumed at a dedicated station.

After removal of dirt particles on the floor of the car, it was turned around for water wash.

Two specialists pampered the all-new Ford Fiesta with water and shampoo for a good amount of time, thoroughly removing anything other than paint on the body.

Then it was showered with adequate force of water.

This was the best part. A five-man team took nearly ten minutes to wipe the car inside out to make it as lustrous as it was when it rolled out of the factory. (Trust us when we say they didn’t know we were there to monitor.)

The almost-brand-new-again Ford Fiesta was brought to the workshop again to show to the customer.

After he checked everything and took it out for a short drive inside the campus, he gave the cheerful nod.

The service advisor handed him the bill (which in this case was a zero rupee charge), which had to be taken to the billing section for clearing and reception of gate pass.

Meanwhile the customer had to fill the service feedback form.

In just about 90 minutes as the dealership promised (give or take a few minutes, we didn’t check with a stop clock), the customer drove off his car probably back to work.

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