Update: Ford GT officially revealed, to feature 600 hp V6 EcoBoost engine (LIVE photos added)

New Ford GT will be powered by a V6 EcoBoost engine, which will be the most powerful EcoBoost engine in production. Mated to a dual-clutch 7 speed transaxle transmission, it will generate power in excess of 600 horsepower. Apart from this, Ford has not revealed anything else in regards to the engine tech specs.

2017 Ford GT LIVE Detroit
All Ford customers will benefit from the ultimate performance Ford and its new-generation innovations – Raj Nair.

The new Ford GT will be a mid-engined, rear wheel driven, two door coupe, which will enter production in late 2016. This has been done so that it coincides with the 50th anniversary of Ford GT race cars which finished 1-2-3 at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. Built to perform on race tracks, Ford claims that their new GT redefines innovation as far as EcoBoost engine technology, aerodynamics, and light-weight construction is concerned.

Featuring next generation twin turbocharged EcoBoost 3.5l V6 engine, the car will be launched first in the US, after which it will be launched in select global markets. Ford says that the new GT is part of the 12 performance cars, which Ford has promised to launch by 2020. As of now, Ford Performance lineup includes Focus RS, F-150 Raptor, Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT350R.

Ford GT
The two-seat cockpit is accessed by upward-swinging doors.

Ford GT will be extremely lightweight as it has a lot of carbon fiber. Ford claims that this gives the new GT one of the best power to weight ration in any existing production car. Riding on 20 inch alloys, wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup 2 tyres, which feature an exclusive design and compound, unique to the Ford GT.