Ford India to launch industry’s biggest brand transformation campaign

In an attempt to gain more acceptance in the market, Ford India is reported to launch the auto industry’s biggest transformation campaign which is estimated to cost around INR 204 crore. Last time a brand invested heavily on its transformation was when Hero Motocorp sought to emerge stronger after the split from Honda in 2011. That project was valued around INR 175 crore.

Livemint reports that according to its sources within Ford India, a survey conducted by the company for over two years revealed that its customers are drifting away from the brand. The survey indicated that this is happening due to a trust deficit.

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A survey conducted by the company for over 2 years indicated that trust deficit is the reason for customers drifting away from the brand.

The massive brand transformation campaign is aimed at eliminating this deficit by improving transparency and efficiency of after sales service. The American automaker is also planning to introduce a cap on routine maintenance cost so that customers know how much they need to pay even before making their bookings. If the dealer charges them extra, the additional amount will be reimbursed in full and an inquiry will be initiated against the dealer.

The company is also reportedly planning to publish the cost of spares on its website to promote transparency. Measures will be taken to get the cars serviced in 90 minutes and provide a loaner car if the repairs take more than 24 hours.

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The company will be focusing on reducing service cost and increasing transparency as a part of its massive brand transformation campaign.

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It’s to be noted that the new gen Ford Figo hatchback’s sales figures are less than what its predecessor managed (around 1,200 units per month) when it was phased out. This clearly indicates prospective buyers of the old Figo were not convinced by the new-gen model. Ford India is hoping that this transformation campaign will provide results.

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