Ford India Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) safe driving training program and pledge campaign

Ford India isn’t leaving any stone unturned when it comes to taking forward the Safe, Economic and Eco-friendly driving message with the help of their Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) program. With the ‘Train the Trainers (TTT)’ workshop being completed successfully, the initiative brings forth a new wave of qualified trainers that are in tandem with the automaker’s aim to open new dealerships in the program.

Today’s platform was used by Ford India to launch First Gear, a first-time car buyer’s guide, as well as their digital pledge campaign for safe driving ( Ford has recorded success in popularizing the DSFL message to drivers pan India, and the company plans to take the program to newer markets this year.

DSFL was started in India back in 2009. The regional program lays emphasis on reduction of road fatalities. The program has seen success in India across diverse driver groups with 4500 drivers having trained in DSFL here since 2009. The number stands at 50,000 across Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Press Release: Ford’s DSFL Moves to Promote Safe Driving to Newer Cities with Training Program and All-new Pledge Campaign

Stepping up its efforts to spread the message of Safe, Economic and Eco-friendly driving through the Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) program, Ford India today culminated its ‘Train the Trainers(TTT)’ workshop with additional pool of qualified trainers to accelerate its drive to bring new dealerships in the program for this year.

At the occasion, Ford India also launched First Gear, a guide for the first-time car buyers, and announced its all-new digital pledge campaign for safe driving ( Hosting select media and social media representatives, the event also emphasized Ford India’s success in spreading the DSFL message to drivers across the nation as well as its plans to extend the program to newer markets in 2012.

Introduced in India in 2009, DSFL is a regional program that focuses on helping combat the global epidemic of road fatalities. Since launch, the program has seen tremendous success in the country, with diverse driver groups. In total, around 4500 drivers have been trained in DSFL since 2009 and 50,000 across Asia Pacific and Africa.

In 2012, Ford India aims to take DSFL to a higher level by extending the program to customers in dealerships in Tier Two cities – Ajmer, Chandigarh, Guwahati, Jaipur and Mehsana, while continuing its focus on key markets such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

“We have always considered it our responsibility not just to produce safer cars, but also to ensure more responsible driving on the roads,” said Michael Boneham, president and managing director of Ford India. “India has one of the highest motor vehicle injury and fatality rate in the world and we believe driver education and refreshment through programs such as DSFL can help improve the situation.”

At the event today, Ford India’s executive director for Manufacturing, Tom Chackalackal along with Minnie Menon, columnist and DSFL evangelist, launched its car buyer guide and were first takers of the new pledge campaign, I Pledge to Drive Safe.  The pledge is available on Ford India’s Facebook community page, where drivers can enroll and share it among friends to encourage safe and responsible driving.

“This is a great initiative by Ford India,” said Ms. Menon. “I have been associated with DSFL for over a year now and I find the program to be informative and aimed at reaching the right people with the right message to help increase responsible driving. Today’s book-launch and pledge program only emphasizes Ford’s commitment.”

Take a pledge today and help spread the word on the importance of safe & eco friendly driving:

Expanding reach

In the background of today’s event was Ford India’s second DSFL ‘Train the Trainer’ program (TTT) to foster the trainer base with more evangelists to spread the  DSFL message. Hosted by regional training partners from South Africa, the Chennai TTT workshop will be attended by 15 additional Ford representatives who will share the learning among the program’s ever-increasing number of participants.

“Involving our employees is an important step for taking the DSFL to greater heights,” said Tom Chackalackal. “By training all these new trainers, we will be able to create more DSFL ambassadors to foster stronger relations with our customers, build a stronger understanding of cars among them and, more importantly, promote driving skills that make our roads safer.”

About Ford’s Driving Skills for Life Program:

Based on a regional platform, but localized to meet Indian driver needs, DSFL includes a module on economical driving behavior such as anticipating road conditions, applying fuel-efficient driving techniques, avoiding over speeding and keeping a vehicle properly maintained for optimal fuel economy.

Seven APA markets are currently running DSFL campaigns in their markets: India, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Taiwan. More than 50,000 licensed drivers have learned how to drive more safely by participating in the DSFL program since it was first introduced in the region in 2008

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