Ford India reports 29% overall sales growth in 2014

Exports through 2014 have almost doubled to 76,981 vehicles. Domestic wholesales stand at 77,140 units, down from 80,431 units in 2013 equating to 4% sales decline. In December 2014, Ford India sold 14,401 vehicles in combined domestic wholesales and exports over 11,209 vehicles sold in Dec ’13 equating to 28.47% sales increase. Exports stood at 10,647 vehicles over 5,338 vehicles in Dec ’13 equating to 99.45% sales increase.

Ford EcoSport
Ford India sold 14,401 vehicles in December 2014

Domestic wholesales stood at 3,754 vehicles down from 5,871 units sold in Dec ’13, equating to 36% sales decline. Ford India continues the strengthen the country’s position as an export hub. Anurag Mehrotra, executive director, Marketing, Sales and Service at Ford India says 2014 was a challenging year for Indian automotive industry as high interest rates and inflation compacted turnaround in sales and consumer sentiment.

Government’s recent decision to discontinue excise duty concessions further hamper automotive industry’s growth prowess with customers postponing purchases. Ford India hopes the government introduces pro-consumer policies in its upcoming budget to help improve market sentiment and boost demand.