Ford India sales steady for September 2012: 9418 cars sold through domestic wholesales and exports

Despite grueling market condition, ford India has once again managed to overcome the odds and registered an impressive sale of 9418 units during the month of September. With its new facility at Chennai in tip top form to handle rising demands of vehicles during the festive season, Ford India is confident of doing well in the prevailing market conditions.

Main reasons for auto manufacturers taking a heavy blow are the rising fuel costs. Due to this reason, Ford India’s domestic wholesales stood at 7794 in September 2012 as compared to 7801 units sold during the same period last year. With its augmented capacity for diesel engines boosted at the Chennai plant, Ford will be able to meet the demands of the public which coincide with the festive season.

With opening of two new dealerships in Bangalore and Kochi, Ford has been able to promote its presence pan- India through its 230 dealerships situated across 123 cities. Road Side Assistance program initiated by Ford India has been started in four new locations, which takes the number of these outlets to an impressive 55. Through this program, Ford has ensured that quality road side assistance will be available to its customers in most two tier and three tier cities.

India auto news release: Ford India Sales Hold Steady in September with 9418 Cars

Ford India sold 9418 cars in combined domestic wholesales and exports in September despite continuing challenging market conditions

With augmented capacity for diesel engines at the Chennai engine plant, Ford India is well equipped to handle increased demand during the festive season

Ford India strengthened its national footprint with the addition of two new dealerships in Bangalore and Kochi

Despite continued challenging market conditions, Ford India sales held steady at 9418 combined domestic wholesales and exports in September.

The automotive industry has faced some difficult conditions in recent months due to hikes in fuel prices, ongoing high interest rates and high inflation. Ford India’s domestic wholesales stood steady at 7794 in September this year compared to 7801 cars sold in September 2011.

The festive season — when most Indian families purchase a new vehicle — has already kicked off with Onam and Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, and Ford India is poised to handle any surge in demand with its recently augmented capacity for diesel engines at its Chennai plant.

“We have seen customer confidence improving with the start of the festive season, and are fully prepared to handle pent-up demand during the festive period with our enhanced capacity for diesel engines at Chennai” said Michael Boneham, president and managing director, Ford India.

Further boosting its pan-Indian sales and service network, the company opened two new dealerships in Bangalore and Kochi taking the number to 230 sales and service outlets in 123 cities. During September, Ford India also introduced Ford Roadside Assistance (RSA) program in four cities – Siliguri, Hubli, Belgaum and Salem. By taking the RSA coverage to 55 cities across India, Ford India has further enhanced the accessibility of quality roadside assistance service in tier-two and tier-three cities.

“In addition to growing our consumers, we remain committed to strengthening our sales and service network and providing quality service offerings to our customers by extending the reach of RSA,” Boneham concluded.