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Ford survey reveals interesting facts about car drivers in India

Ford Motor Company conducted a survey across 9,500 drivers across 11 markets in Asia Pacific which also included 1,023 Indian respondents. 95% stated that they knew how to driver their car in a way that would offer maximum fuel efficiency while 96% stated that they put in every effort to drive efficiently.

Among those surveyed just 27% drivers stated that they were aware of how to use GPS to set best route prior to setting out on a journey while as much as 78% Indian drivers said they were not aware that use of cruise control could save a lot of fuel. The survey also revealed that 40% Indian drivers did not know that harsh acceleration and wrong braking could bring down vehicle’s fuel efficiency drastically.

Ford Motor Company offers some efficient driving and fuel saving techniques.

1. Aggressive driving – harsh braking and quick acceleration are leading causes of increased fuel consumption which 40% of Indian drivers are unaware of.

2. Turning off the engine and restarting it again is another leading cause of fuel wastage of which only 26% of Indian drivers believed.

3. Cruise control offers benefits where fuel efficiency is concerned as maintenance of a constant speed saves fuel while it also ensures that the driver retains a constant speed. 78% of drivers surveyed were aware of this fact.

4. Following a reliable GPS system allowed for better fuel efficiency while only 27% Indian drivers use this method of travel.

5. Following a straight road rather than hilly terrain saves fuel with 52% drivers unaware of this fuel saver.

6. Weather conditions played a significant role in fuel efficiency. Cold weather reduces fuel efficiency while warmer climates sees increased use of fuel especially with the AC running.

7. Lighter baggage in vehicle contributes to better fuel efficiency. With every 20 kgs reduced, fuel efficiency increases by 1%, of which only 35% Indian drivers were aware.

8. Proper maintenance of vehicle, regular servicing and keeping tyre pressure under check also ensures longer time distances between fuel refills of which only 33% drivers are aware.

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