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Ford India opens vehicle customisation centre for EcoSport

The Vehicle Personalization Centre from Ford India offers premium vehicle personalisation options, giving customers the ‘power of choice’ to further enhance Ford EcoSport’s value proposition. Located near Ford India Chennai factory, the new centre is spread over 35,000 sq ft.

Quality Check Bays at recently launched Ford Vehicle Personalisation Centre in Chennai

The centre was inaugurated by John Cooper, vice president Customer Service Division at Ford Asia Pacific, and Nigel Harris, president, Ford India. This is the first such company-operated unit in Asia Pacific region.

Copper says, today, customers view vehicles as an extension of their own personalities, and choose to customise their cars to stand out. Customers are socially conscious and want things done their way opting for personalisation to make vehicles look distinctly theirs. In enhancing overall brand ownership experience, Ford India will offer EcoSport customers premium quality customization without compromising safety, quality or vehicle warranty.

John Cooper VP Customer Service Ford AP and Nigel Harris, President Ford India inaugurating Ford Vehicle Personalisation Centre

Ford India Vehicle Personalization Centre is serviced through 19 modification bays operated by trained technicians. Ford’s commitment to design innovative solutions and innovation-led approach fosters class-leading cost of ownership. The new centre is an extension of Ford’s customer-centric innovation.

The centre simplify’s dealership’s involvement, as they need not stock vehicle accessories. Three Ford EcoSport customisation options are being made available: They include: Spare Wheel (Cover) Pack for all EcoSport variants; Alloys Pack that offers premium quality alloys and rear-spoiler for EcoSport’s Ambiente and Trend trims; and Sports Pack that includes rear-spoiler, LED scuff plate, roof cross-bar for EcoSport’s Titanium and Titanium (O) trims. Personalisation centre’s offering will be increased later in 2015.

Option packs are available at affordable prices to further EcoSport’s value proposition. When booking, customers can choose an option pack, and place an order at the dealership.

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