Ford and Intel give a glimpse of ‘Mobii’ (Video)

With the Mobii system, Intel and Ford are trying to give car drivers of the future fully connected experience. The cameras and sensors placed inside the Ford cars, are connected to your mobile phone via the internet in real time. You can keep a track of your car whenever you want, wherever you want.

Other advantages shown in the video above is that the car can recognize who is driving the car, and accordingly sets the various functions, like music, air conditioning, seat height, etc. Thanks to the front-facing camera on the dashboard, the car always knows who is at the wheel. And if the car senses that the driver is not the registered owner, then in that case it takes a picture of the person who is at the wheel, and mails the picture to the owners phone.

The owner can then either say Yes, or No via the Mobii application on his/her phone. Unless confirmation from the owner, the car won’t start. Apart from this, if the owner decides to give permission, he/she can also set other conditions like for how long the person is authorized to drive, speed limit, any co-passengers allowed, and many such things.

Watch the video above to get a detailed idea, and let us know what you think of the system in the comments section below.

Ford and Intel give a glimpse of 'Mobii' (Video)