Ford Edge, Kuga and EcoSport line-up of redesigned SUVs, Edge Concept at LAIAS

Ford_Edge_Concept (1)
Slotted between the compact Escape and Explorer, Edge concept in the utility vehicle segment, is slated to make its way into markets at the end of this year for 2015 model year.

While no details about engines, transmission or fuel efficiency figures have been revealed, the concept abounds in technology and comes with a unique Remote Self Parking feature, thus taking Ford Edge Concept to the next level.


This system allows the driver to control parking from outside of the vehicle allowing Edge Concept to ease itself carefully into narrow parking spaces. After Park Assist locates the spot, drivers can get out of the vehicle and continue parking using remote key fob. The car can accelerate, steer and brake on its own while the entire parking process can be controlled in the event of a difficult situation.

Ford is also working on Obstacle Avoidance System which automatically steers around obstacles in cases when applying brakes suddenly is not possible. This technology is useful to drivers specially in situations when pedestrians and other obstacles suddenly appear in the path of the car in motion. However, this is still in development stage and will not be seen in the new Ford Edge.