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Ford unveils new Fusion Lightweight Concept, 453 kgs lighter

Ford Lightweight Concept RL

Ford Motors has brought the new Fusion Lightweight Concept sedan into the limelight. A good 900 pounds (or about 453 kgs) lighter than the standard Fusion which weighs 3,600 pounds, the new Lightweight Concept is built of high tensile steel, aluminium and magnesium, besides extensive use of carbon fiber.

Ford Lightweight Concept RLWith this new Ford Fusion Lightweight Concept, based on Fusion (Mondeo) platform, customers can expect to see better fuel efficiency. Ford Fusion Lightweight Concept receives a 1.0 liter EcoBoost three cylinder engine. This engine is capable of 45 mpg (19.13 kmpl) when fitted on the Fiesta hatchback.

Ford Fusion Lightweight Concept mid sized sedan has wheels and seats made of carbon fiber. Its crankshaft, springs and stabilizer bars are constructed of hollow steel. The entire body is of aluminium, steel and magnesium while windshield and windows receive special chemically treated glass and Gorilla Glass that was seen in earlier iPhone models.

Rear window is of heavy duty plastic. This mixed material research vehicle has been developed by Ford in association with US Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Program and Cosma International, a subsidiary of Magna International.

Besides showcasing this new Ford Fusion Lightweight Concept, Ford Motors also announced a new alliance with Samsung SDI Group for the construction of lightweight and efficient batteries. A new two battery system was demonstrated with the use of lithium ion and lead acid batteries which, in the future, will result in efficient regenerative braking system.


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