Ford Motors concludes Drive Your Ford Life campaign in Taiwan (Photos)

US car maker, Ford Motors has successfully concluded their Drive Your Ford Life campaign in Taiwan. The campaign saw 600 active participants of which 25 were chosen to experience Ford Fiesta for a week long series of challenges.

Click here to visit Drive Your Ford Life website. Since the website was started, it has attracted 113,000 unique visitors. The website was designed to create awareness about the campaign. Visitors to the website were even asked to vote for the best participant according to them.

The participant to receive most number of votes will be declared as the winner and will be awarded prizes worth up to TWD 200,000 (USD 6,900), including RIMOWA luggage and TWD 50,000 (USD 1,700) cash. Some of the Fiesta owners who shared stories about their cars on the Drive Your Ford Life page also won prizes.

One contestant, Candice, posted videos which have gained hundreds of viewers on YouTube, showing how useful the Human Machine Interface (HMI) devices, including Voice Control, Bluetooth®, Aux-in, MP3 and USB, were for her while driving.

“I think the voice control device is really a nice feature for safe driving,” she said in one of her clips. “With the voice control  system, I can keep my hands on the steering wheel at all times; I do not have to go through all the buttons to listen to songs from my MP3 player or to tune in to my favorite radio station because the system does them all for me with voice control.”

She said the Bluetooth® connectivity was another great feature, especially for people who use smart phones.
“I was able to make calls and answer incoming calls while keeping my eyes on the road,” she said. “The layout of the centre console is really easy to read, and the voice control device gave me a chance to brush up on my English speaking and pronunciation!”

The winner of the contest, Chou-Chou, who garnered more than 600 votes for his posts, described himself as a car enthusiast, but said he had never driven a Fiesta.

“I tested the car many times on the racetrack and found it to be a fun-to-drive hatchback with great handling,” he said. “The exterior design was great and the texture of the interior material seemed upscale. The car was also very fuel efficient, as I did not have to look for any gas stations during my five-day test drive.”

Angus Ma, consumer marketing manager, FLH, said the first phase of the campaign had been a success and that the next Drive Your Ford Life contest to be held later this year, would feature the Focus TDCi.

“The first wave of the Drive Your Ford Life contest event went well, and we were happy to be able to give more people the chance to experience the fantastic Fiesta. We can’t wait for the next phase of the campaign with the Focus TDCi, and giving more people an opportunity to get to know the great vehicles Ford has on offer.”