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Ford Mustang is the only sports coupe to cross 1 lakh sales in 2015

Ford Mustang Cabriolet at 2016 Geneva Motor Show

The new Ford Mustang has not only been a hot favorite in the US but has captured a fair share of audience across the globe.

Ford Mustang was the leading sports coupe in 2015 as per data received from IHS Automotive. The company sold 110,000 Mustang coupes and 30,000 Mustang convertibles during the past year. It is also to be noted here that the Mustang was the only sports coupe to see sales of well over the 100,000 mark.

Once only on sale in the US, the Ford Mustang is now being sold across 140 global markets which also include Australia. India launch of the new Ford Mustang is slated to take place later this year.

Ford India management with the Mustang.

Ford India management with the Mustang.

Ford has already opened sales of new Ford Mustang in the UK, Germany, France, South Africa, Cyprus and Malta. In Germany, which is home to many sportscar manufacturers, the American has managed to beat all and post highest sales in the sportscar segment.

Buyers in Australia and New Zealand are also showing strong preference for the Ford Mustang with the model completely sold out through 2017, even prior to the receipt of additional allotment of cars.

Ford Mustang Cabriolet at 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Ford Mustang Cabriolet at 2016 Geneva Motor Show

In March 2015, Ford sold a total of 12,563 Ford Mustang in North America while 16,000 customers have ordered the Mustang in Europe of which 4,700 have been delivered. The Ford Mustang topped sales in Germany and France in March while 3,500 cars were delivered to buyers in the UK. It was noted that buyers in China preferred the Ford Mustang with EcoBoost engines while customers in New Zealand, Australia, Germany and UK opted for top of the line Ford Mustang with 5.0 liter engine.

Ford Mustang Cabrio – Photos

Ford Mustang GT – Photos


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