Driver walked out on his own from this Ford Mustang crash – Video

When it comes to car safety, manufacturers promise everything. And while these claims may be tall, or fall short, it’s not always tested. And hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

However, this Ford Mustang endured a crash on a public road. The accident in Ballard, Washington last week will make you stop and take a look. Especially, if were walking on the pavement. It’s a long path of debris interspersed with fallen autumn leaves.


The available video details the car’s demise. This wasn’t just a crash. Here’s a Mustang that’s come apart in major sections and a million small bits. The front and rear are the biggest separated chunks. If it did hit something, that surely did this Mustang in. The driver side of the car forms a major chunk of debris, and the rear is found a little ahead.

Severity of impact sees the engine resting on the grass. Not much muscle left in this muscle car. The bumper’s having a field day, so is a solo wheel. In fact, you could probably find every car part you’ve ever set eyes upon in that short walk by the debris.

And while all of this paints a scary picture, which it is, the driver of the Mustang walked away unscathed. And yes, did we mention that the crashed Mustang was rented?

Watch the video below.

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