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Ford Mustang crashes into KTM Duke 390 after hard acceleration goes wrong

INR 70 lakhs. That’s how much you will need to shell out in order to get behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang in India. To get a perspective, it is about the same price you will shell out to buy a top of the line mid-sized German SUV or a sedan.

But what you don’t get in the Germans, is the raw power of a 5.0L V8 that sends 401 PS and 515 Nm torque to the rear wheels. Yes. That’s how much Ford Mustang delivers, and remember – only for 70 lakhs.

But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Same is the case here. When you are behind the wheel of a powerful car like Ford Mustang, you need to be extra careful of the surroundings, especially in a country like India where we not only find cars and people on the road, but also stray animals. Slight error and the possibility of harming yourself, your car, and fellow beings increases.

Launched last year, photos of crashed Ford Mustang have been shared online by Drivespark. As per the report, the accident took place at Tiffany’s circle near JW Mariott signal. The driver of the car was waiting at the red signal. The minute the signal turned green, the car spun out of control and went and crashed into the KTM Duke 390 rider standing in the opposite side. The Mustang had picked up enough speed, and the result was such that the Datsun standing next to the KTM has also been damaged. The rider was injured, and was taken to a hospital.

Though this does not seem to be a major crash, it definitely isn’t going to be the last one. KTMs have given us access to powerful bikes at affordable price, and now Ford is offering us Mustang at just 70 lakhs. Unless we don’t respect powerful machines and obey traffic rules, we will never win the battle against road accidents.

Not everyone is born to be a great driver or rider. We learn, every single day and improve. Let’s learn to drive before we crash again.

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