Ford Mustang GT went up in flames on race track in the US

A Ford Mustang GT 350 with a few after market modifications suffered an engine fire which damaged the car severely, giving the driver one hell of a scare. The incident happened in April when Joe Charles, owner of the said vehicle, was lapping the Roebling Road Raceway.

As per the driver’s account, a snap ring in the car’s oil cooler thermostat failed thereby disturbing the plug of the oil filter adapter housing. This resulted in oil being ejected out when the vehicle was travelling at around 100 mph.

Ford Mustang GT 350 on fire (4)
Ford has reportedly bought the damaged car back to understand what went wrong.

Upon making contact with hot surfaces within the engine bay, the leaked oil caught fire immediately and in the process, rendered the brakes completely useless. A panicked Joe reportedly attempted to use the emergency brakes to try and halt the flaming Mustang so that he can get out before the fire engulfed the cabin but the hand brake cable snapped.

Fortunately, he managed to slot the car in first and let it decelerate. He finally came to a standstill a few yards away from the safety crew who were carrying fire extinguishers. He jumped out of the car unscathed but the poor Mustang GT350 was pretty much baked.

Ford Mustang GT 350 on fire (3)
The driver managed to escape unscathed.

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Joe says that Ford has bought the car from him recently to better understand what went wrong in first place. It’s to be noted that Joe’s Ford Mustang GT 350 was equipped with full Kook’s exhaust system, JLR cold air intake, and a custom engine tuning by HP tuners.


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