A high-speed tyre burst shatters Ford Mustang GT’s rear – Video

The advancements in car’s active safety are really significant, thanks to the plethora of electronic systems like ESP, EBD, and so on, but this video proves that a violent high speed tyre burst can still result in catastrophic accidents.

Luckily, this incident took place when the Ford Mustang GT was tightly strapped on to a dyno test rig. Had it happened on a public road, the car would have swerved all over the place, inflicting serious injuries to fellow road users, driver, and to itself.

The rear left tyre suffered an abrupt failure at around 241 kmph (150 mph), shattering the rear part of the car in the process. The impact of the explosion was so severe that the suspension, rear fender and bumper were damaged beyond repair. Fortunately none of the onlookers were hurt.

The standard of tyres nowadays are much better than ever but that doesn’t mean one can neglect the regular maintenance and inspection procedures. While we don’t know the exact cause of this particular incident, most common factors for a tyre failure are lack of optimum air pressure and extensive wear that is not monitored.

A regular check up of tyre pressure and periodical tyre rotation would help keep the tyres in good health.

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