Ford Mustang production stopped as demand declines 32% in Sep 2016

Chevrolet Camaro has outsold Ford Mustang in the US, with total sales to the extent of 6,577 units in September 2016 against the Ford Mustang’s 6,429 units sold. This is the first time in over 23 months that the sales of Mustang have been lower than that of rival Chevy Camaro.

It’s not that sales of Camaro have increased, rather the sales of Ford Mustang have gone down. For Sep 2016, Ford Mustang reported a decline of 32%, as compared to sales registered in Sep 2015. YTD sales of Ford Mustang have also declined by 9.32%.


This significant decline in sales has caused the company to halt Mustang production. The company has shut down the Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan for a week. The shutdown started on October 10 and production is set to resume on October 17.

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Year on year Sep sales of Chevrolet Camaro also noted growth of 25.4% while on the other hand Ford Mustang year on year sales dipped 32%. Incentives offered by Chevrolet for the Camaro have been marked as a leading cause for increased sales. These incentives have been offered in a bid to clear stocks prior to launch of the 2017 model.

Ford Mustang Drive

New Chevrolet Camaro slated for launch in the months ahead will be offered in two versions V-6 1LE and the V-8 1LE of which one will sport a V6 engine while the other will receive a V8 engine. As noted from the company website, the new Camaro will receive a new design along with updated interiors while prices are expected to commence at $25,905.