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Ford Mustang is world’s best selling sports car for H1 2015

Sixth generation Ford Mustang has been the best selling sports car over past six months as per data received from IHS Automotive. With a total of 76,124 orders to date, the new Mustang could go on to be the best selling sports car for 2015, toppling Mazda MX-5 Maita which held this title for 2014.

With high number of orders from across the globe, Ford Mustang saw an increase of 56% over sales in the same period of 2014. 2015 is the first year that the Mustang has been on sale outside of North America. Sales commenced in the US and Asia last winter while sales in European markets got off to a start this summer. The sixth generation Ford Mustang is slated for sales in about 100 countries with 25 of these being right hand drive markets.

Ford Mustang is offered in a variety of colours with Magnetic Grey and Race Red being the most favored colors among buyers. Race Red is a popular choice for buyers across China while Black is preferred by buyers in US and Middle East.

2,000 Ford Mustang orders have been received in the UK since January this year while deliveries are expected to commence in November. Australia has bagged 3,000 orders and New Zealand has seen orders to the tune of 400 while Ford Mustang is a popular choice for buyers in South Africa and Japan as well. US remains its top market with deliveries in August up 53.1% with 86,769 units making its way to company dealerships across the country.