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Ford reveals 10 key contact areas in your car to sanitize – Video

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Sanitizing your car is important, especially if you are using your car regularly in these times of Covid-19

As lockdown restrictions are relaxed, and more people are allowed to go around, folks who need to are beginning to drive again. If this is you, there are necessary precautions that need to be adhered to when it comes to cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting a car keeping in mind sanitisation.

While soap and water can help wash away germs, it doesn’t necessarily kill them. This is where sanitising becomes a key cleaning procedure as it effectively deals with germs and bacteria, and thereby, lowers the risk of spreading infection. This followed by disinfecting ensures the right chemicals kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.

At this time, the market is being flooded with products that promise to do all of the above and more. When selecting a disinfecting spray, ensure it’s safe for application on your vehicle’s interior. Household cleaning products contain ingredients like bleach, acetone, chlorine, and ammonia. This will damage interior materials and paint. A disinfectant germ fogger works. Ford has now shared a video which details the sanitizing process as well as tells which are the car parts which require frequent sanitization.

When using a spray, don’t spray directly onto surfaces like the dashboard. Spray products into a microfibre towel and wipe surfaces. Remove dust and dirt from fabric seats and headliner with a hoover. A wet hoover with shampoo works well. Wash regularly-touched exterior surfaces, mainly door handles.

When cleaning leather, the rule of thumb is to trial a product on a small area to see if it works favourably or adversely. This can be done on the rear of the steering wheel to observe results. Apply product on microfibre cloth and wipe fest area for observation before cleaning the whole area.

To disinfect, hard surfaces like plastic buttons and knobs can be wiped down with a bleach-free disinfectant wipe or by application on microfibre cloth and wiping down. The infotainment touchscreen disinfectant should be certified for use on electronic-specific products.

Bits and bobs touched often must be regularly and thoroughly disinfected. This includes the Key/Key FOB, exterior door handle, interior door handle lock and unlock buttons, interior door release, seatbelt, seatbelt buckle, and push button, Push-to-Start Button, rearview mirror, and side mirror buttons, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) buttons, radio and infotainment touchscreen buttons, gear selector, parking brake lever, steering wheel and mounted buttons, signal and wiper stalk, headlights knob, centre console and cup holders. Be mindful of all touchpoint keep them disinfected, and once done, don’t forget to clean your hands with soap and water or a sanitiser as convenient and available.

For a schedule Ford servicing, a technician will visit for doorstep pickup, and drop post service. Payments are to be made online to minimise contact.

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