Ford SYNC 3 infotainment system unveiled, will replace MyFord Touch system [Video]

New Ford SYNC 3 will be launched in their cars from next year. It will offer easier access to features desired, while distractions will be at the minimum.

ford sync3

Ford SYNC 3 with BlackBerry’s software supports various applications through AppLink portal. These include iHeart Radio Auto, NPR One, Sirius XM Radio, Pandora, Sticher and Spotify. It also supports SiriEyes Free while according to Ford, owners can update the software over a home internet connection.

The system also offers a wide range of infotainment, improved graphics and conversational voice recognition technology. It will be seen with smartphone like controls to include pinch to zoom and swipe gestures. SYNC 3 comes in with dedicated touch buttons for Audio, Climate, Phone, Navigation and Apps and Settings.

Ford SYNC 3 with its improved voice recognition technology will recognize addresses read out as “Eleven Twenty-Five Main Street” instead of “One One Two Five Main Street”, while search for locations becomes easier as the system allows users to say Detroit Airport as against official names such as Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Update can be done over a Wi-Fi connection while the screen has a bright back ground with large buttons and high contrast fonts so as to enable easy readability even in the sun. At night, the system changes to a darker background so as to reduce both reflection and strain on the eyes