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Ford takes “Go Further” branding seriously

Ford has recently launched their “Go Further” branding for which they plan on investing in their efforts to bring consumers and employees across the globe to understand what this new endeavor is all about. The company is following the trend in the auto sector in the aim to Go Further and this will be seen in how they launch new products while using every channel to bring this aim into effect.

Go Further is the company philosophy and the concept is not just limited to Ford employees. Improvements in thinking, action and deeds will be noticed and Ford will be bringing in new products and take the philosophy of Go Forward in areas of fuel economy, advanced technology and by offering more green products to their customers in the future. It is a service that Ford is looking at in which they can contribute to their community, dealers, employees and customers. Ford has already got customers attention in the two weeks since the launch of this Go Further campaign.

Its first TV advertisement featured only Ford products and features with no mention or sight of the Ford brand. This got the attention of over 3.4 million viewers to the Go Further website – Not mentioning brand or product is what has immediately caught the attention and curiosity is aroused.


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