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Ford testing new car and Electronic Brake Light system in Germany


Ford has a Research and Engineering center in Germany. The name is enough to explain what goes on inside. On a more recent development, they have been testing something called Electronic Brake Light system, to make their cars even more secure. Apart from this, spy photographers have caught Ford testing a new hatchback in Germany, which could be the next gen Figo. Or an altogether new car, which will compete with the Hyundai i20 in Europe and India.

ford new hatchback spy shots testing in germany (1)The new Electronic Brake Light System being tested by Ford, will help reduce the number of accidents in future. This system sends wireless signals to vehicles following behind, warning them of any danger looming ahead. Like, if you are following a car, and due to a bend/curve, loose the vision of the car. During this period, the car in front, applies full brakes. You are at a risk in such a scenario. In such a case, Electronic Brake Light System, will alarm you by a sound/light on dashboard, even before you see the car with your eyes.

The system is currently undergoing stringent tests and will serve as an early warning car to car communication system. One of 20 such safety systems which have recently undergone tests for Safe Intelligent Mobility – Testified Germany (simTD – Sichere Intelligente Mobilität Testfeld Deutschland). This is a joint research project which the company is working on which will go a long way in reduction of traffic congestion and enhancing driving safety.

Speaking about the mysterious new hatchback, which Ford was testing in Germany, this might be the new hatchback they are developing under the One Ford strategy. It could be the next gen Figo (looks much bigger than the current gen), or a new car altogether, which is being developed for a global market. Spyshots of the new Ford car here, are credit to PaulTan.



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