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Ford ties-up with Jose Cuervo, world’s best-selling tequila maker – Here’s why

Ford Motors, with the help of Jose Cuervo, are testing use of the agave plant by-product for incorporation in bio-plastics in Ford vehicles.

The tequila producer’s agave plant by-product being used to develop bio-plastics could be seen in both exterior and interior components of future Ford vehicles.

These could include parts such as wiring harnesses, HVAC units and storage bins. The material promises to be durable, offers aesthetic qualities and expand the company’s endeavor in reducing its carbon footprint. Vehicle weight will be substantially reduced with this material while energy consumption will also be trimmed down. Substantial research has been carried out on use of this material from the agave plant, finding it not only durable but resistant to heat as well.

Sonia Espinola, Director of Cuervo Foundations is happy to be associated with Ford Motors. Jose Cuervo is the leading tequila in the world and started as a family run business which expanded by leaps and bounds. The agave plant has a 7 year growth cycle and once harvested, the heart of the plant is roasted, ground and juices are extracted for distillation. The fibers left over after this process is currently used as compost for farms while local artisans also use the fibers to make handicrafts and agave paper.

Jose Cuervo and Ford Motors now extend usefulness of the plant even further while limiting use of petrochemicals and reducing automakers carbon footprint. As on date, Ford Motors also uses 8 other sustainable materials in its car parts that include soy foam, castor oil, wheat straw, Kenaf fiber, cellulose, wood, coconut fiber and rice hulls.


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