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Ford assembly plant virtual mapping with IntoSite from Siemens

IntoSite (2)

Ford Motor Company is using a new software from Siemens that allows the company to virtually navigate to all parts in the precincts of its assembly plants across the globe. This will permit not only to enhance global collaboration but will also result in better sharing of best practices used in the various plants.

IntoSite (2)IntoSite is developed by Siemens using Google Earth Infrastructure. It is a cloud based technology that permits users to share information. When adopted by Ford Motors, the company hopes to reap the benefits of improved communication, enhanced efficiency, globalization and standardization.

IntoSite™ application in Tecnomatix® portfolio developed by Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software business unit, offers a 3D version of the entire assembly plant taking users through the plant to various sections and workstations. It allows users to save and share material while engineers and team members can add pins, upload videos, documents and images allowing them to communicate with each other within the plant and also with manufacturing teams across the globe. The use of this system alleviates the need for expensive plant visits, visual communication is more effective than emails, while sharing and access to documents with regard to special issues can be shared instantaneously.

“Under the Ford production system, we are constantly looking for ways to improve standardization around the globe,” said John Fleming, Ford executive vice president of global manufacturing. “The Siemens IntoSite software pilot is helping us explore the realm of possibility for future cross-regional workplace communication.”

“Using a platform that most of the world already is familiar with, Google Earth, we will be able to increase the speed of adoption and implementation for our manufacturing teams around the world,” said Janice Goral, manager, Ford vehicle operations manufacturing engineering. “The information then harnessed and transferred would build on our existing efforts to enhance alignment around the globe, and cater to a world where visual communication now can be more effective than email.”

“Ford takes a very innovative approach to manufacturing, so it’s no coincidence that they are the first to leverage IntoSite,” said, Zvi Feuer, senior vice president, manufacturing engineering software, Siemens PLM software. “Siemens and Ford have been working together for many years to close the knowledge gap between engineering and manufacturing. The IntoSite implementation is the latest step in this effort and is another example of how Siemens’ PLM solutions enable manufactures to make smarter decisions which result in better products.”


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