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Ford’s oldest car surviving, back with them after 109 years

Bill Ford with 1903 Model AGreat grand-son, Bill Ford Jr. has a great way to celebrate, 150th birth anniversary of Henry Ford. He has bought back the oldest surviving Ford model into the family. Bill achieved this by placing a bid for model A during an auction held in October.

The 1903 Ford Model A Rear Entry Tonneau was purchased by Bill Ford Jr. for a throwaway price of $264,000, considering that it was sold for $700,000 in 2007. This car was the third model produced by Ford and will serve as an attraction at event which will be held to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Henry Ford.

This Rear Entry Tonneau is powered by a twin cylinder engine producing 8 horsepower and 100 cubic inches of displacement. Standing at 72 inches it boasted of a top speed of 30 mph on smooth roads which were a rarity at that time. There were about 1,700 of these models built which helped keep the company afloat during its nascent stage.

The yearlong celebrations for Henry Ford’s include a variety of events some of which include Coming Together: A Celebration of Henry Ford, Maker Faire, Discovering Henry Ford shows at The Henry Ford and lastly Henry’s T – Dramatic presentation at Greenfield Village. For more information, scroll down.


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