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Forget DuPont Refinish, the new name is Cromax


Axalta Coating Systems has rebranded DuPont Refinish as Cromax. Axalta’s entire lineup of products is the preferred choice of a long line of dedicated customers, distributors and importers in the refinish business across the globe. The Cromax family includes Cromax(R) Pro, Chroma Premier(R), ChromaBase(R) and Centari(R) and each of these are engineered for easy, quick and accurate application while providing customers with quality, formulation and innovative solutions.

cromaxBesides its new name, the product will also get a new logo which will add to its fresh and new look. The new Cromax labels on products will commence from early 2014 subject to locations while till then all products with DuPont Refinish name will continue to be in circulation making their way to all customers across the globe. This is just the first step in development planned by the company while more details of Cromax will be made known in the months ahead.

Mr.Shaver, Chairman and CEO of Axalta Coating Systems said, “Cromax® is already an established, well-known product name in our key markets. We are elevating the Cromax® name to include a portfolio of products. Together, these products provide choices to our customers to support them from the front of the body shop to the back.”


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