Former F1 driver who lost both legs, wins Paralympic Gold in hand-cycling

Alex Zanardi’s win in the Rio Paralympics 2016 comes on the eve of the 15th anniversary when he lost his legs in a high speed car crash. The crash took place at 350 kmph. The impact was such that the car was broken into two pieces. His body was in one part of the car, while his leg were in the other part.

That is all in the past. The brave Italian has set an amazing example of inspiration for all of us. At the ongoing Paralympic Games in Rio, Alex Zanardi has earned himself a Paralympic gold medal.


The 49 year old hand cyclist finished first in the H5 road time trial in Rio on Wednesday and completed the 20 km course in a matter of 28 minutes and 36.81 seconds. He finished ahead of both Stuart Tripp of Australia and Oscar Sanchez of US who came in second and third position respectively.

What makes this win even more noteworthy is the fact that his victory comes a day before the 15th anniversary when Zanardi crashed at the American Memorial 500 CART race on September 15, 2001. It was post this very crash that he lost both his legs which had to be amputated.


Despite his diability, Zanardi feels his life is a privilege. He has thanked his fans on Twitter and thanks God for the many opportunities that have come his way since the accident.

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